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Let's get to know each other!

Hi! I'm Anna and I'm very excited to meet you.

I'm an Assistant Designer at Claire's, a freelance illustrator, a SCAD Illustration grad (go bees!), and a die-hard Swiftie.


I was raised in Alton, IL where my love of illustration began. In my work and life, I try my best to be a good person, and illustration is my way of connecting people, enriching communities, and sharing optimism.


When I’m not making art I’m probably asking someone to pet their dog, getting cozy at a coffee shop, or watching the Great British Bake Off (where are my Mary Berry fans at?). If you want to make some art together, let’s get in touch!

What's your prized possession?

My stash of pressed four leaf clovers. I'm not exactly superstitious, but my good luck is undeniable.

What's your ice cream order?

First, St. Louis frozen custard is supreme. Vanilla blended with chopped nuts and hard shell chocolate is the way to go!

What can't you live without?


Podcasts! I always have them playing, most likely about pop culture or current events. Send me your recommendations!

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